Welcome to Getecom’s Network Operations Center (NOC) and Asset Management Services, your trusted partner in ensuring the seamless operation and optimization of telecommunications networks.

Our solution allows to:

  • Constantly monitor network performance, minimize disruptions, and mitigate potential future problems, enabling you to deliver uninterrupted services to your users.
  • Manage telecommunication networks across various technologies, including IP routers, Base Stations, Fiber optics, Radio links and more
  • Leverage our team of skilled professionals and cutting-edge monitoring tools
  • Customize the services according to your needs, whether it is a 24×7 NOC or a solution that gives you peace of mind during nights, weekends and holidays


Partner with Getecom’s NOC and Asset Management Services to benefit from proactive network management, expert incident resolution, and optimized performance, empowering you to deliver superior telecommunications services to your customers with confidence.

NOC 24x7 Services

Network Inventory and Asset Management

Network Predictive Maintenance

Call Center

Welcome to Getecom Engineering Services, your premier partner in telecommunications network planning, design, and integration.

At Getecom:

  • We deliver a comprehensive suite of services to telecommunications operators and carriers, spanning various technologies crucial to modern connectivity.
  • Our expertise encompasses IP routing networks, fiber optics, Point-to-Point Wireless Links, Point-to-MultiPoint Wireless, Radio Access Networks (RAN)
  • Whether you’re seeking to expand coverage, enhance capacity, or deploy advanced technologies, Getecom is committed to delivering solutions tailored to your specific objectives.
  • We understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer both turnkey projects and flexible, customized solutions to meet our clients’ evolving needs.
  • Our dedication to excellence, coupled with our depth of experience, ensures that we can navigate the complexities of network deployment with efficiency and reliability.


Partner with Getecom Engineering Services and unlock the potential of seamless, high-performance telecommunications infrastructure tailored to your business goals.

Network Planning and Design

RAN Engineering and Optimization

IP Transport Network Design

Microwave Network Design

Fiber Network

Welcome to Getecom’s Support and Maintenance Services, your trusted partner for comprehensive and efficient telecommunications infrastructure support. Our services offer:

  • Cross-Technology, Multi-Vendor Support: We cater to diverse network environments, ensuring seamless operation regardless of technology or vendor.
  • Repair Center in Italy: Our state-of-the-art facility guarantees quick and reliable equipment repairs.
  • RMA Pick-Up and Packaging: Streamlined processes minimize downtime and simplify equipment replacement.
  • Maintenance of EoS Legacy Products: Extend the lifespan of your equipment and maximize your investment.
  • Flexible Technical Support: Choose from 8×5 or 24×7 availability for expert assistance whenever you need it.
  • Remote and On-Site Support: From remote troubleshooting to on-site configuration, our experienced team ensures prompt issue resolution.


Partner with Getecom for efficient, reliable support that keeps your telecommunications infrastructure running smoothly.

Hardware Repair

Spare Parts Management

Technical Support 24/7

Maintenance of EoS Legacy Products

Welcome to Getecom’s SOC and Cybersecurity Services, your dedicated shield against digital threats. Our services include:

  • Managed Firewall Services: Protect your network perimeter with expert management.
  • Managed Detection & Response: Proactive monitoring and real-time threat mitigation.
  • Incident Response & Restoration: Swift containment and restoration in the event of a security breach.
  • Phishing Attack Simulation: Strengthen your team’s resilience to phishing attacks with simulated campaigns.
  • Managed Vulnerability Assessment: Identify and remediate vulnerabilities to maintain a proactive security posture.


Partner with Getecom to fortify your defenses and safeguard your organization against cyber threats.

Managed Firewall Services

Managed Detection & Response

Incident Response & Restoration

Phishing Attack Simulation

Managed Vulnerability Assessment

Welcome to Getecom’s Consultancy Services, your trusted advisor for navigating the complexities of modern technology.

Our consultancy services encompass:

  • Network Audit & Optimization: Leverage our expertise to assess and optimize your network infrastructure, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.
  • Cloud Computing: Seamlessly transition to the cloud with our comprehensive consultancy services, enabling you to harness the power of cloud technology for enhanced scalability and flexibility.
  • Software Tools & Development: From custom software solutions to optimizing existing tools, our consultancy services empower you to leverage technology
  • Training Services: Equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced technological landscape


With Getecom’s Consultancy Services, you gain access to industry-leading expertise and personalized guidance to help you achieve your business objectives.

Network Audit & Optimization

Cloud Computing

Software Tools & Development

Training Services

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